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Forsyth County Beekeepers Association

Upcoming events

    • 10/02/2021
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • American Bee Supply, 2686 Piney Grove Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284

    In an effort to help honey bees, Ingredion Inc of Winston Salem has offered once again to provide Forsyth County Beekeepers Association bulk corn syrup for distribution to our members to feed their bees.   

    The stipulation with this offer is our association can't sell what we receive and no one receiving it from us can sell this corn syrup. 

    We have had a few members step forward to work out the logistics of filling and transporting totes (approximate 300 gallons each) of corn syrup to American Bee Supply,  2686 Piney Grove Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284 for distribution to FCBA members who registered to pickup their allotment of corn syrup on  Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 9 am to 12 noon.  

    Each registered member will be limited to the amount they registered for up to a max of 10 gallons.  Based on previous years we believe we are going to have about 30 people who are interested in this offer.  How did we come to this allotment amount: 300 gallons /30 people = 10 gallon maximum first fill.  After we have distributed all registered amounts we will let everyone registered line up again and get seconds using the same formula or until we run out.  We are attempting to get multiple totes for this final give-away.

    Registration will close Thursday, 9/30/2021.

    Please remember you can't sell the syrup you receive from this program. It is each registered member's responsibility to bring containers that will not leak and can hold the liquid dispensed. Last but not least this is a benefit for our members only. If you have some one who is interested all they have to do is become a member and then register for the program.

    • 10/02/2021
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Robinhood Road Baptist Church, 5422 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

    Forsyth County Beekeepers Association October Meeting @ Robinhood Road Baptist Church  

    NO Dinner!  Masks are required.

    Presentation: 6:00 pm
    Meeting: 7:00 pm

    Speaker:  Doug Vinson, President NCSBA

    Topic:  "Overwintering in Small Boxes"

    It is our pleasure to have Doug Vinson, President of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, member of the Catawba Valley Beekeepers, and long-time beekeeper, speak to us about "Overwintering in Small Boxes."  Did you have to or want to make late season splits, and they are in nucs?  Did you catch a small swarm that you are trying to get through the winter?  There are any number of reasons you may have to face this (or are facing it!) and Doug can discuss problems that might arise, how to deal with them, and how to be successful with your small-boxed, overwintering bees.  Join us in a relaxed discussion, and questions are welcome!

Past events

09/25/2021 FCBA - Second Feed the Bees Program 2021
09/18/2021 FCBA - Feed the Bees Program 2021
09/04/2021 September 2021 FCBA Meeting - Bridget Gross "Non-Chemical Beekeeping"
08/21/2021 2021 Kernersville Honeybee Festival - Aug 21, 2021
08/07/2021 August 2021 FCBA In-Person Meeting - "Feeding through the Seasons" Bryan Fisher
06/05/2021 June 2021 FCBA Zoom Meeting - "Ask a Beekeeper" Panel
05/01/2021 May 2021 FCBA Tour Frank's Perennial Border
04/03/2021 April 2021 FCBA Meeting - Ben Starr "Home Mead Making Demo"
03/06/2021 March 2021 FCBA Meeting - Rebekah Gunn "The Veterinarian's Role in Beekeeping"
02/06/2021 February 2021 FCBA Meeting - Alison McAfee "Sperm Viability in Queen Bees"
12/05/2020 December 2020 FCBA Meeting - Kamon Reynolds Sustainability and Growing Your Bee Yard
11/07/2020 November 2020 FCBA Meeting - Jennifer Berry "Oxalic Acid Sublimation"
10/03/2020 October 2020 FCBA Meeting - Esmaeil Amiri "Honey Bee Queen and Viruses"
09/19/2020 Linden Tree Sale
09/12/2020 FCBA - Final Feed the Bees Program
09/06/2020 September 2020 FCBA Meeting Session 6 - Michael Bush! "Winterizing Bees"
09/06/2020 September 2020 FCBA Meeting Session 5 - Michael Bush! "Winterizing Bees"
09/05/2020 September 2020 FCBA Meeting Session 4 - Michael Bush! "Winterizing Bees"
09/05/2020 September 2020 FCBA Meeting Session 3 - Michael Bush! "Winterizing Bees"
09/05/2020 September 2020 FCBA Meeting Session 2 - Michael Bush! "Winterizing Bees"
09/05/2020 September 2020 FCBA Meeting Session 1 - Michael Bush! "Winterizing Bees"
08/22/2020 FCBA - Third Feed the Bees Program
08/15/2020 2020 Kernersville Honeybee Festival - Cancelled
08/01/2020 August 2020 FCBA Zoom Online Meeting - Ryan Harrison "Mosquito Control and Bees." Frank's Perennial Border Tour has been rescheduled!
07/11/2020 FCBA - Feed the Bees Program
06/06/2020 June 2020 FCBA Online Meeting - "Ask a Beekeeper" Panel
05/02/2020 May 2020 FCBA Meeting is Cancelled - But Check out the videos
04/25/2020 Piedmont Environmental Alliance Earth Day Fair
04/04/2020 April 2020 FCBA Meeting - CANCELLED
03/07/2020 March 2020 FCBA Meeting - Joel Hausser on "Hive Beetle Control"
02/01/2020 February 2020 FCBA Meeting - George McAllister on "Increasing Honey Production using Queen Castles"
02/01/2020 2020 FCBA Bee School
12/07/2019 December 2019 FCBA Meeting - Annual Christmas Gathering
11/13/2019 November 13, 2019, Showing of "The Pollinators"
11/02/2019 November 2019 FCBA Meeting - Gregory Fariss Helping Your Bees Through the Winter
10/05/2019 October 2019 FCBA Meeting - John Pledger "New Beekeeping Supply Items"
09/14/2019 FCBA at the NC's Big Pour 2019 Festival - Tanglewood Park
09/07/2019 September 2019 FCBA Meeting Josh Williams Pollinator Buffet and Honey Contest
08/17/2019 FCBA at the 2019 Kernersville Honeybee Festival - Fourth of July Park
08/03/2019 August 2019 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Darryl Gabritsch "Honey Bees and Plant Toxicity"
06/22/2019 FCBA at the 2019 Winston-Salem Pollinator Party - WS Fairgrounds
06/01/2019 June 2019 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Kathy Culver Bee Teas
05/04/2019 May 2019 FCBA Meeting - Ask a Beekeeper with Keith Arnott, Heath Wind, Darrell Hampton and David Link
04/27/2019 Kernersville Earth Day Fair
04/13/2019 Piedmont Environmental Alliance Earth Day Fair
04/06/2019 April 2019 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Kaira Wagoner Varroa and hygenic behavior Also Annual Pound Cake Challenge
03/02/2019 March 2019 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Katie Davis Native Plants for bees
02/02/2019 February 2019 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Don Hopkins
02/02/2019 2019 FCBA Bee School
12/01/2018 December 1, 2018 FCBA Meeting -Annual Christmas Gathering
11/03/2018 November 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Joe Milone
10/06/2018 October 2018 FCBA Meeting Speaker - Volker Bornemann
09/29/2018 FCBA at the Black Walnut Festival - Historic Bethania
09/01/2018 James Wilkes on Hives Tracks Honey Contest
08/18/2018 FCBA at the Kernersville Honeybee Festival - Fourth of July Park
08/04/2018 August 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Phyllis Smith "The Journey to Master Beekeeping"
06/02/2018 June 2, 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda
05/05/2018 May 5, 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Ryan Davis
04/07/2018 April 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Sam Comfort Also Annual Pound Cake Challenge
03/03/2018 March 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Virginia Webb
02/03/2018 February 2018 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Jennifer Keller
02/03/2018 2018 FCBA Bee School
12/02/2017 December 2017 FCBA Meeting - Christmas Potluck with Music
11/04/2017 November 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Don Hopkins
10/07/2017 October 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Robert Jacobs
09/02/2017 September 2017 FCBA Meeting - Erin McDermott Genetics Technician
08/05/2017 August 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Allison Bowling
07/13/2017 2017 NCSB Summer Meeting 100th Birthday
06/03/2017 June 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Greg Farris
05/06/2017 May 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker James Withrow, PhD candidate from NCSU
04/22/2017 FCBA Booth @ Piedmont Environmental Earth Day - Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
04/01/2017 April 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Patrick Jones
03/04/2017 March 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Ryan Harrison
02/18/2017 2017 Bee School
02/04/2017 February 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Keith Arnott
12/03/2016 December FCBA Meeting
11/05/2016 November FCBA Meeting - Speaker Nancy Rupert
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