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Forsyth County Beekeepers Association

Upcoming events

    • 11/03/2018
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • 1450 Fairchild Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27105

    Forsyth County Beekeepers Association November MeetingThe Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Building

    Potluck Dinner: 5:30 pm     
    Meeting: 6:30 pm
    Presentation: 7:00 pm

    Speaker: Joe Milone, PHD Candidate at NC State

    Topic: Effects of Realistic Pesticide Exposure on Queen Health

    Joe's  work is focused on better understanding realistic chemical challenges faced by honey bees. Hive residue data has demonstrated that multiple chemical exposure is pervasive within wax and bee bread and can pose a risk to colony health. Joe has been using previously recorded residue data to test the effects of realistic pesticide exposure on queen health and the downstream impacts on colonies later established by exposed queens. Testing pesticide mixtures and their sublethal effects on colony mechanisms helps to build on a toxicological legacy which has been largely focused on testing the lethality of single chemicals.  We will explore residue data and discuss in-hive chemical exposure with the intention of better understanding the interactions between bees and pesticides. 





Past events

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07/13/2017 2017 NCSB Summer Meeting 100th Birthday
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04/22/2017 FCBA Booth @ Piedmont Environmental Earth Day - Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
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02/18/2017 2017 Bee School
02/04/2017 February 2017 FCBA Meeting - Speaker Keith Arnott
12/03/2016 December FCBA Meeting
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