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  • 04/03/2022 6:30 PM | Benny Smith

    I attended the April monthly meeting where we got to direct questions to a panel of experts.  Dr. Maeterre described a process of creating a Summer Queen and I wanted to make sure I have his process right.  I looked online for a reference to his process and didn't readily see one.  Did I understand him to say that you first kill the Queen, then 5 days later (not 4 and not 6) remove any capped Queen Cells, and leave 2 uncapped Queen Cells that have eggs and lots of Royal Jelly?  Is there any reference material online for this process?  Also, there was mention of another 10 days to treat for Varorra Mites.  When did the 10 days start?


  • 09/09/2017 3:15 PM | Bill Patton

    It worked great!

  • 08/30/2017 4:32 PM | Bill Patton

    I just posted this on Facebook also:

    Question to fellow FCBA members on uncapped honey: I recently harvested my sourwood but found a number of frames with scattered uncapped cells. Some frames completely uncapped on one side and the other side all capped. Go figure! Mostly, each side was about a third or half capped. I bought a refactometer to measure water content which was too high in the uncapped cells, How can I get the capped honey out without getting uncapped honey? I tried shaking it out unsuccessfully and then had a brainstorm on how to extract the capped honey without getting any uncapped-high-moistured-honey. I took each frame to the sink and using a pretty strong flow of lukewarm water and washed out the uncapped honey. It didn't hurt the capped honey. Then i shook each frame several times to get rid of the water and repeated the washing several times. I have just put them in front of a fan for several days to evaporate the water left and i'll see what I get. I'll probably extract the capped cells in a separate bucket to check the moisture. DO YOU THINK THIS WILL WORK? CRAZY? I'll post the results!!!

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