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Forsyth County Beekeepers Association

we're ON A mission

The mission of the Forsyth County Beekeepers Association of NC (FCBA) is to promote honey bees and healthy beekeeping practices in our county.  We aim to train beekeepers in practical, successful, and responsible beekeeping practices and foster closer relationships amongst beekeepers.  Furthermore, we seek to educate the general public about the benefits of bees to our ecology, the wonderful products of the hive, and to increase their fascination of the insect we love so much.  As beekeepers we are very concerned about the proliferation of services and companies guaranteeing to create mosquito free yards.  People need to be informed about what is being sprayed and the side effects.  Nuking the backyard by spraying everything in sight is not the answer.  Finding the breeding sources of the pesky blood suckers is the best control method.  Take a look and become informed about what you might be paying for and how to control them:  The Chemicals That Promise Summer Without MosquitoesPrivate Pest Control Companies Exposing Kids To Toxic Chemicals, Critics Say and American Mosquito Control Association Advice 

Our History

The FCBA is a nonprofit 501(c)(5) chapter of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association and was organized on November 18, 1973. There were 38 charter members.

Special recognition must be given to Brady Mullinax, Sr., our chapter's founder. He devoted his life to honey bee conservation and promotion, and, in 1974, persuaded legislators to name the honey bee NC's official state insect. After starting The Honey Bee Festival over 30 years ago, the town of Kernersville continues the annual tradition in Brady's honor.

More History

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